Jungle. All the flavor, none of the Chemicals.

At Jungle we believe that the production of our food has to be made in a sustainable way.
That demographic pressures demand us methods of cultivation increasingly productive.
That agricultural practices should not create, but fight waste.
That global warming and soil depletion force us to find new ways of securing crops 365 days a year.
That increasingly knowledgeable consumers, who demand richer nutrients cannot be ignored.
We believe that we can and should achieve all those goals using farming methods in a chemical free environment. 

Urban Agriculture

Nutrients, Lighting and Climate Management

Active Compound Enhancement

Jungle R&D Center. A perfect habitat. 

A team of highly experienced agronomic engineers.

Multiple individual chambers to reproduce various climate configurations.

Optimized control over plant growth.

The Jungle R&D Center occupies 450 m2 of an old industrial facility in Marvila, one of the most traditional and genuine districts in Lisbon. Here we establish the optimal conditions to reproduce a perfect habitat for all our species. This task requires the control of hundreds of variables in real time, so that we can evaluate in detail the behavior of each plant. A team of highly experienced agronomists and software engineers ensures the excellence of the entire operation.

Optimized Control.

Our sensors capture hundreds of data points without interruption. This kind of extreme measurements allow us to control:

Temperature 13 – 30°C.

Relative humidity.

CO2 injection (up to 2500 ppm), to increase biomass production.

Air flow inducing plant stress to enhance strength & resistance.

Our ecosystem.

We are committed to several partnerships that greatly leverage our activities.